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For the past five to ten years, Cambodia has undergone drastic changes. From high-rise buildings to shopping complexes, Phnom Penh is slowly but surely morphing into an updated and international city. Nowhere is this more evident than the streets, where a growing number of cars and SUVs are edging out other forms of transport.

Such a rapid growth comes along with new challenges and issues for both the industry’s key players and government authorities (consumers’ protection & safety, importation of unsafe vehicle, grey market, etc.).

The Cambodia Automotive Industry Federation (CAIF) seeks to enhance and protect the goals of the automotive industry and assist in the improvement of road safety, consumer protection, vehicle safety and driver awareness.

What is CAIF?

The Cambodian Automotive Industry Federation is representing all authorized automotive dealers, including cars, busses, vans and trucks.

Its objectives are:

  • To promote the automotive industry
  • To serve as a single, united voice on issues with the government
  • To participate as the private sector representative in the Automotive ASEAN Working Group
  • To increase employment and vocational training in Cambodia
  • To develop road safety and awareness
  • To strengthen consumer protection, educating the public on the values and benefits of buying from an authorized dealer

the industry

With an average annual growth of 8%,

the Cambodian society is opening up in general with more people travelling in and out of the country, bringing with them a taste for certain goods. Consumers are now well informed and their needs are becoming more sophisticated.

The year 2015 saw a 15% growth

in automobile imports to the Kingdom, sustaining the trend in previous years. New car imports totaled around 4,000 in 2015, including all types of vehicles.


new car imports in 2015


official car dealers operating
in Cambodia


employees working
for the automotive industry


The CAIF represents the interests of Cambodia’s automotive industry through the membership of official car dealers. The Federation actively helps members to raise standards and improve their profitability and sustainability.

As part of one of Cambodia’s most influential trade associations, membership will place your business at the heart of the automotive sector, giving you a stronger voice in shaping policy and legislation across Cambodia and the ASEAN.


PORSCHE - Kid’s Driving School

iPorche organized a ‘Kid’s Driving School’ in partnership with Cambodian Children’s Fund. The purpose of this event was to introduce a safety drive to the children from the early age, which Porsche familiarized traffic signs and safety driving instruction to the children through ‘Porsche Pedal Cars’, a racing competition.

After having lunch together, children also received a pack of gifts consist of Porsche children’s book, Money saving box, T-shirt and cap, and certification of participation in the safety driving program.