May 6, 2024 Phnom Penh

The Ministry of Commerce organized a consultative workshop on the Exclusive Right and the New Car Definition, presided by H.E Ouk Prachea, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, with the participation from the representative of Ministry of Economy & Finance (MEF), Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (MISTI), Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT), General Department of Custom and Excises (GDCE), Cambodia Automotive Industry Federation (CAIF) and Cambodia Auto Dealers Association (CADA).


The workshop aimed to present the result from the inter-ministerial meeting which was held on 21st February 2024 where the representative from MEF, MISTI, MPWT and GDCE attended the meeting and discussed on the proposal from Cambodia Automotive Industry Federation (CAIF) in Government-Private Sector Forum, requesting to make the amendment of the New Car Definition and the Exclusive Right under the MOC’s Prakas No. 2287, dated on 20th July 2020, to ensure that the exclusive right is being protected and ensure fair-playing field in automotive industry in Cambodia.


As a result, CAIF and CADA couldn’t agree on the proposed solution from the consultative workshop and both parties, CAIF and CADA, offered different opinions regarding to the New Car Definition and the Exclusive Right. Hence, the meeting was concluded with each party was suggested to go back and discuss with its members, then submitting an official letter to claim the positioning of each party before the deadline set by MOC, so that they can consolidate and report to the Prime Minister to make the final decision for the solution.

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